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Customer Experience, Emotional Intelligence, and Presentation Trainer

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Presentation/Professional Presence

Our first impression in the workplace is controlled by our ability to present well and project a professional image. Participation in this program will include identifying the skills to master, practicing with immediate video and instructor feedback,  and learning to enjoy public speaking and professional presence. This program is also offered in a virtual format.

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Emotional Intelligence

 Over half of our job success is based on our level of emotional intelligence.  It is critical that we understand what high Emotional Intelligence (EI) looks like and how it relates to our personality and our Intellectual Quotient (IQ).  Participants will leave understanding the four components of EI, how to improve their EI, and what high EI can do for their career success and earning potential. This program is also offered in a virtual format.


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Customer Experience

We like to tell most everybody about our bad customer service experiences. We don’t like to tell anybody if those experiences are directed at our own business or us personally.  In this program, everyone leaves with a measure and strategy to multiply their value added customer service. This program is also offered in a virtual format.


Katie Lickteig
Assistant Director for Outreach & Events | Iowa State University Alumni Association

Stephanie did a fantastic job with her emotional intelligence presentation! It’s been one of the most popular presentations we’ve offered over the last few years. Stephanie is so easy to work with; you can count on her presentations resonating with the audience as she blends high-energy and humor with great information.

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Are you looking for an engaging presenter to work with your group?

Stephanie brings her humor, flexibility and break-the-script mentality to the workplace with ease.