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30 Oct

Who’s the Fairest of them All?

I grew up with the nick names “Fatty Fiddle” from my brother and “Marshmallow” from my P.E. teacher. Two reasons that in second grade I decided that I would never wear shorts or show my legs in public again. Consequently, I rarely donned a swimsuit, skirt, or as promised, a pair of shorts. For years, I have heard all the skin cancer warnings and secretly thought I would escape because I had essentially hidden under the covers through time. Isn’t there a reward for years of declining swimming pool dates and skirt sales because your legs will solicit giggles and glares?
Nope. I’m treating a pre-cancer spot on my face right now with topical chemo because quid pro quo didn’t happen and it’s time to stop suspending disbelief. Just as I thought I might escape the skin cancer fate, I find that many of my clients in businesses and organizations describe similar denial about their customer service, professional presence, and emotional intelligence. These are not skills that we can escape from; they are skills that are critical to any businesses success and must be purposely practiced and valued throughout the organization. Studies show that 58% of our work is related to our level of emotional intelligence—we can’t afford to cover up and hope that our technical skills and IQ (only 42% of our success) will save us individually or save our team.

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