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19 Apr

Look Up Communications—You can’t be a leader without it!

In 2016, we have everything available to avoid communicating directly with our family, friends, and colleagues. Effective leaders must “Look Up.”
This means that good leaders will meet employees in the hall and look up (off the cell phone), smile (care about them, not about you), and initiate conversation (life is more than a text or email). Yes, we know you are busy and rushing to the next meeting or data mining project. We all know that time is money and you didn’t get an additional hour to “play nice” when you got the big title.
I believe, though, that what you model when it comes to communication will trickle down to become your organization’s brand and work culture. Each employee knows if the folks at the top care and each external customer can sense it when they walk in the door. You owe it to your team and bottom line to smile more, acknowledge special accomplishments and occasions (hand written notes only), and visit with each individual as much as you can.
Can you name all the people in your department? When is the last time you went to the mail room? Have you ever invited the custodian to coffee or lunch? When you walk in the door each morning, do you take time to greet everyone you meet or are you unavailable and catching up with your News feed?
Practice makes Permanent, so get started with “Look Up Communications” and SMILE all the way to SUCCESS!

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