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11 Jan

It’s in the Mail

I love to send cards, notes, letters, and greetings. I understand the value of social media for myself personally and professionally, but when I sit down with a pen in hand, I get to think about the individual who will receive the communication and visit with them for a bit. I get to listen, too, as I must choose my words for the person and think about where they are in life right now. What is filling their plate and taking their precious time? What are they managing mentally, emotionally, and physically? When I’m sending to a friend, I reflect on the special times our paths have crossed. When I’m sending to a professional business prospect, I imagine where our paths will cross in the future.
It gets better, though. I get to put an address and a stamp on this card, note, letter, or greeting. I get to think about the weather in their area and shiver or smile accordingly. I think about the journey my mail will take and the hands and machines that will touch it on the way. It is a trip worth a thousand words. During these travels, I get smiles for free as I think about the unsuspecting recipient going about their life’s routine.
And finally, my card, note, letter, or greeting will arrive at its destination. It might be a mailbox on the house, at the end of the drive, at the end of the lane, or an inbox in the office suite or on the desk. If it lands in the hands of a friend or family member, they will surely sigh and smile but for a moment. If it lands in the hands of a current or future client, they might smile and toss or if my timing is right, they might smile and communicate right back.
Our email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, will keep us up to date and in the know. Our cards, notes, letters, and greetings will be touched and treasured. Send one today!!

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