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13 Feb

6 Steps and You’re There!!

There are days when I consume too many LinkedIn articles and Entrepreneur Podcasts. I absorb more motivational quotes, do it today action steps, and rags to millionaire in a year interviews than my mind can even remember when I hit pause or toggle back to my work at hand.

I have noticed that all this input can keep me in a state of evaluating too much. When I’m waiting to speak, or start a training session, I can start ruminating about “8 Stupid Things Speakers Need to Stop Now, 10 Steps Successful Trainers Follow Every Time, How Business People Blow it 9 Times Out of 10,” and the list goes on.

It can slow me down when I’m listening to a client as I may second guess myself and focus on “9 Signs your Consultant isn’t Listening or the 10 Clues your Consultant is Lying.” Do I need to lean in more, repeat their name 15 times in the conversation, pull out one more piece of data, and offer them a book that will change their life? Did they read the same article and wonder why I’m blowing it?

I believe all this easy access self-improvement information can have a negative impact on our everyday relationships, too. How many times have you greeted a colleague in the morning and wondered how to covertly send them the link to “20 Dress Steps to Keep your Job?” Have you smirked at your boss when he or she had no idea that there are “7 Ways to Greet your Employees in the Morning?”

I have learned a lot from the experts and leaders who provide much of this information that I can scroll through, click through, and listen to. I can’t use it, though, to slow me down or judge others and it’s most important that I remember there are “100 ways to Look Up, Disconnect and Live.”

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